Prefix Suffix Meanings

Prefix Suffix Meanings and Usage

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Prefix        Meaning        Usage

panall, everypanacea cure all, panorama unobstructed view in all directions
parabeyond, relatedparallel similar, paraphrase restate, translate
perthrough, completelypermeable allowing passage through, pervade spread throughout
periaround, nearperimeter outer boundary, periphery edge
polymanypolyglot speaking several languages
postafterposthumous after death
prebeforepreamble introductory statement, premonition forewarning
primfirstprimordial existing at the dawn of time, primogeniture state of being the first born
proforward, in favor ofpropulsive driving forward, proponent supporter
protofirstprototype first of its kind
pseudofalsepseudonym pen name
reagain, backreiterate repeat, reimburse pay back
retrobackwardretrospect look back in time
seaway, asidesecede withdraw, seclude shut away
semihalf, partlysemiconscious partly conscious
sub, suc, suf, sug, sup, susunder, lesssubjugate bring under control, succumb yield, cease to resist, suffuse spread through, suggest hint, suppress put down by force, suspend delay, temporarily cease
super, surover, abovesupernatural above natural things, surtax additional tax
syn, sym, syl, syswith, togethersynchronize time together, sympathize pity, identify with, syllogism explanation of how ideas relate, system network
telefartelegraphic communication over a distance
transacrosstransport carry across
ultrabeyond, excessiveultra conservative exceedingly conservativel
unnotunkempt not combed, disheveled
underbelowunderling someone inferior
unioneunison oneness of pitch, complete accord
vicein place ofviceroy governor acting in place of a king
withaway, againstwithstand stand up against, resist

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