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First off, though, we need to learn a few things about the exam itself.

What is the MELICET?

The Michigan English Language Institute College Entrance Test is an advanced level English language test. It is primarily used to test non-native speakers of English by educational institutions as an admissions or placement test.

What format does the Michigan ELI College English Test have?

The format is similar to other Michigan English tests in that it is multiple choice. Depending on the College or University that requires the test for admissions there are three main components to the test. It consists of three major sections:

Listening Proficiency (MELICET-L)

Language Comprehension consisting of conversational grammar, cloze, vocabulary and reading comprehension (MELICET-GCVR)

Writing Proficiency 1 essay

The listening section of the test contains 50 multiple choice questions. The GCVR section contains 30 grammar, 20 cloze, 30 vocabulary and 20 reading comprehension questions based on 4 texts of approximately 400-600 words. In the writing section of the test, the candidate must choose one subject from three choices.

30 minutes – Listening Comprehension

75 minutes – GCVR

60 minutes – Writing

* Note: Some institutions require only the completion of the GCVR. Contact your institution of choice for complete information concerning their language entrance requirements.

What is a passing score?

Passing scores depend on each institution and their specific requirements; however, a score of 75% is considered a minimum score to be accepted in many institutions.

For more information see the University of Michigan’s MELICET page at the ELI’s website.