The Michigan Final contains more of the same…

The Michigan final exam is for those who have scored at least 23 out of 35 on the Michigan preliminary exam.

The Michigan final exam consists of the same elements as the preliminary exam  with the inclusion of a listening comprehension section, a writing section and an oral interview.

Their are currently 40 grammar questions, 20 cloze questions, 40 vocabulary questions and 20 reading comprehension questions based on four readingtexts.

The Michigan final listening comprehension exam lasts approximately 35 to 40 minutes. There are a variety of styles and question types.

The writing section of the Michigan final exam is to write one 250-300 word essay on one of two topics that are provided. The writing section lasts 30 minutes.

The oral interview is currently conducted in a one to one format where the interviewer and interviewee have a short conversation in which the interviewee is graded in pronunciation, fluency, relevance and vocabulary.

The oral interview for the Michigan final lasts about 15 minutes.

To download your Michigan Final Practice Tests click on the preceding link.

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