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Many pages on the net that deal with prefixes and suffixes are limited to either Greek or Latin.

In other words, they focus on just one type.

I’ve decided to include both Latin and Greek here. Moreover, I’ve provided the prefix suffix as they appear along with a short definition and description of the usages of each.

At the bottom of this page there are links to more pages with prefixes and suffixes plus a link to a suffixes page.

Prefix    Meaning      Usage

ab,abs from, away from abduct lead away, kidnap, abjure renounce
ad, ac, af, ag, an, ap, ar, as, at to, forward accord agreement, harmony, affliction cause by distress, aggregation collection, annexation addition, appease bring toward peace, arraignment indictment, assumption arrogance, taking for granted, attendance presence, the persons present
ambi both ambiguous of double meaning, ambivalent having two conflicting emotions
an, a without anarchy lack of government, amoral without morals
ante before antecedent preceding event or word, antediluvian ancient
anti against, opposite antipathy hatred, antithetical exactly opposite
arch chief, first archetype original, archbishop chief bishop
be over, thoroughly bedaub smear over, befuddle confuse thoroughly
bi two bicameral composed of two houses, biennial every two years
cata down catastrophe disaster, cataract waterfall, catapult hurl
circum around circumnavigate sail around, circumspect cautious, circumscribe limit
com, co, col, con, cor with, together combine merge with, coeditor joint editor, collateral subordinate, connected, conference meeting, corroborate confirm
contra, contro against contravene conflict with, controversy dispute
de down, away debase lower in value, decadence deterioration
demi partly, half demigod partly divine being
di two dichotomy into two parts, dilemma choice between two bad alternatives
dia across diagonal across a figure, diameter distance across a circle
dis, dif not, apart discord lack of harmony, differ disagree
dys faulty, bad dysfunctional not functioning properly
ex, e out exit, exodus, emit give off something
extra, extro beyond, outside extracurricular beyond the curriculum, extraterritorial beyond a nation’s bounds, extrovert person interested in external objects and actions

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