Why is reading comprehension practice important?

Reading comprehension practice will improve your test scores!

But practice alone is not enough. Knowing what to do is no good unless you know how to do it, right?

What follows are step by step instructions to help you maximize results while you minimize mistakes.

Reading comprehension skills, like any skill in the English language, can be improved. What’s more, once you learn how to improve your skills, your progress will improve rapidly.

First, you need to master the techniques I’m about to share with you. Then, you need to consistently use them because the mastery of any technique takes time and practice.

I usually share these techniques with my students on the first day of class. The reason being that they will help you increase your score without, necessarily, increasing your knowledge of English.

What do I mean by such a statement?

What I mean is that by learning HOW to take the exam, you can increase your score. With the knowledge shared in these pages, I am certain that I can help you raise your overall score by 5% – 10%.

That’s a 5 – 10 percent increase on your overall score, without learning even ONE new word of English!


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