Synonyms Antonyms

Synonym Antonyms

Learning synonym antonyms should be a part of all vocabulary building processes.


Well, there are a number of reasons.

First, it increases the number of words we retain.

Second, synonyms and antonyms are items often tested on English language exams like the Michigan Proficiency.

Third, they are (generally) easier to learn and remember than other non-related words due to the relationship they have with each other. Studies (and practice) show that learning words in combination or relation to other words improves ones retention.

The words synonym and antonym derive from the Greek language and literally mean “same name, or meaning” and “opposite name, or meaning.”

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On the following pages you’ll find synonyms and antonyms, Latin and Greek roots, common prefixes, common suffixes and many more useful items to help you improve and enrich your English Language vocabulary.

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The above pages are loaded with information about vocabulary improvement… especially at the proficiency level. Take some time to view them and review the words and strategies outlined for your vocabulary improvement.

You’ll be glad you did! 😉