Why Students Fail

Why Students Fail

As to why students fail, there really is no single answer. The fact is, the very nature of testing ensures that some students will pass, while others will fail.

My e-book, “Why Students Fail,” looks into certain characteristics shown by students who have failed standardized English Language exams like the Michigan Proficiency Exams.

The book both questions and answers. It will give you insight into characteristics displayed by those who were well prepared for their exams, yet somehow managed to fail.

Even if you’ve never failed a test before, this book is certain to help you.

Best of all?

It’s short, fun, easy to read and FREE!!

“Why Students Fail” is honest and insightful. It is written by an experienced language instructor who combines extensive classroom experience with anecdotal charm and wisdom.

Here is what some colleagues and students have said about, “Why Students Fail.”

  • Evi Kontogeorgaki, Thessaloniki, Greece – teacher, teacher trainer, school owner.

“It’s been my experience that in order to go ahead in life, we need to leave behind those things that hold us back… Todd’s book, will help students in all categories do just that.”
  • Alberto Alberto, Paraguay, student

“I have found your book very interesting and helpful. I’m sure that students like me from all over the world are grateful with you.”
  • Fabio Alberto, Columbia, student

“Todd, thank you so much for what you are doing for people like me who needed guidance in the Michigan exam. But more importantly, thank you for writing your book, “Why Students Fail.” It opened my eyes!”
  • Jayanti Foelster, Lima Peru, student

“I just finished reading your e-book, “Why Students Fail” and found it very interesting and useful. Thank you very much. The advice you give is great!”
  • J. Graham, USA

“Todd, forgot to let you know just how useful I found your e-book “Why Students Fail.” It was short, to the point and profoundly helpful.”

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